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Hearing Aid Accessories
Now stream audio direct from your digital devices to your hearing aids.

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I would like to personally thank The Hearing Experience for the outstanding service they extended to me. I am a Vietnam Veteran that had hearing loss due to being blown up in the conflict. I could not afford to purchase the proper hearing aids until The Hearing Experience offered me this chance. They chose to allow me to pay over time, they did not have to do this. The hearing aids have made a huge difference in my life. The service I receive is exceptional , I can stop in anytime and they will check the devices out. I would recommend The Hearing Experience to all our veterans out there.

With great appreciation,
Joseph L. H.

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Hearing loss and damaged hearing can be successfully corrected. It is not perfect. It is a hearing aid… much better than going without, and much more fun.

A hearing evaluation takes about a half of an hour and is painless. Find out the truth about your situation. If you need help, get it. Start today and find out just what you have been missing.

Our Carlsbad office offers the full range of hearing aid products from PSAPs (personal sound appliances), to big box quality and premium hearing systems. We even stock fresh batteries, appliances to connect to the TV and phone, and a full range of products not made for the hard of hearing, but for people to hear better with!

“We pride ourselves at being the very best hearing aid experts in San Diego.  Our goal is to improve your hearing so you leave our office with a smile on your face.”

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